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The home of singer-songwriter Joe Rosato Jr. and the new album Compass & Sparrow. 

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Joe Rosato Jr.

    Joe Rosato Jr. is a San Francisco based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist whose songs read like a musical book of short-stories.

   Born and raised among prolific farmlands of Fresno, California - Rosato soaked-up a vast swath of American music, ranging from old-time country to blues to bluegrass. A tiny AM radio piped in popular music from the magical far-off lands of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

    Rosato grew-up playing any instrument he could get a hold of, touring with a country band playing drums, backing up legendary blues legends who'd settled in the San Joaquin Valley on bass - to playing bass and writing songs with the critically acclaimed Fresno alt-country band Lone Wolf Gang.

   In 1996, Rosato released his first solo album entitled The Downtown Church, named for a Pentecostal Church he'd pass in downtown Fresno on his way to the recording studio each day. The sign outside the former office supply store read "a church aflame," and Rosato would often see congregants hopping up and down filled with spirit.  The religious imagery seemed to fit the collection of songs of misfits and seekers in his native valley. Rosato was backed by many of the local musicians he'd shared stages with over the years, pairing unlikely instruments like mandolin with hammond organ, and a gospel choir with acoustic guitar. 

   "Compass & Sparrow" is Rosato's newest album. It's a collection of twelve songs borne of his life and travels over the last decade. While Rosato played the majority of the instruments including bass, guitar, drums, bouzouki, ukulele - he was joined by some of the Bay Area cutting-edge musicians like clarinetist Ben Goldberg, accordion virtuoso Rob Reich, violinist Matthew Szemela and Grammy-winning drummer Scott Abels. Rosie Steffy, singer-songwriter for the innovative and genre defying musical group La Dee Da, sets the tone of the album with chilling and stark background vocals.  

   Rosato has also composed film scores for critically acclaimed documentary films including Sean Penn produced Witchhunt and Love Hate Love, as well as the NBC produced film Dreams to Dust. 

    Rosato can often be seen playing upright bass with various artists around the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as performing his original songs accompanied by cellist Myra Joy.