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The home of singer-songwriter Joe Rosato Jr. and the new album Compass & Sparrow. 

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Inspiring friends... 

   Although I recorded most of this album a man alone in his closet(aka recording studio), I was blessed with visits from some of the extraordinary musicians I admire most in this world. Here are links of those who had a hand on this album, or inspired it in some way. 

Rosie Steffy's great band La Dee Da.

Clarinetist Ben Goldberg

Accordionist Rob Reich

Violinist Matthew Szemela…

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Compass & Sparrow 

   They say I should write a blog. A blog will build interest in the music. Ok, if it'll get more ears on the tunes, then I'll write a blog.

     Compass & Sparrow has been in the works for three years off and on, mostly off… and then on. It's a collection of a dozen original tunes, some written as long as 15 years ago, some as fresh as a few months before wrapping up recording.  

   I like to think of the songs as tiny stories, their inspiration based on thoughts I've thunk, books I've read, or people…

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